WebArticles.Org Mission Statement

WebArticles Media Network mission is to provide fresh and accurate information to the Internet reader.

In order to achieve our goal, the development processes employ editorial, web development and managerial efforts. These efforts are coordinated though a tight standard operating procedures (SOP) based management system. The procedures are carefully examined to meet our high quality standards both in terms of content and web development and are updated whenever its necessary; this kind of flexible management is actually a key rule in our development cycle.

The medium term WebArticles planned management expands to a two year development roadmap. The term was set to remove any possible pressure upon the Development Department. The final Web product (WebArticles 2.0) will meet extensive specifications which are elaborated below.

One key feature we are working on is network’s usability. While most web surfers meet enough web browsing skills for accessing and ultimately benefit our of our websites there are a series of navigation issues. In extension to our current Network Directory we are looking to implement an efficient network-wide search function. Its efficiency will not only derive from simple queries but from other easy-to-use features with complex backends as you can see on the major search engines (adjacent keyphrases, direct linking to related pages etc).

In terms of editorial management, the current model is desired. In-house copywriters will create and post-edit the content in order to achieve the “accurate” part of our mission statement. However, the model can be expanded in the interactivity direction. We plan a simple yet powerful comment and debate system for our visitors. This will enable a multiple points of view to be published but aside our original content in order to isolate the two opinions, our official one and the public one.

Beside the debate function, the public segment will be enhanced with a third party article publishing system, for our visitors. It will benefit the same features as our own articles all under mutual benefit Terms of Service which will continue the intellectual rights ownership cycle in the favor of the author, the publishing visitor. The same debate system will be implemented for this future section too, resembling somehow to the poll forum threads as we know them today.

The integration efforts with current third party content indexing services will continue, focusing on technology compatibility with the major players in the market: Google, Yahoo, MSN, Technorati, Digg and so on.

We are also working on content syndication feature targeting both current RSS/Atom news readers and webmasters looking for syndicated content tailored on strict Terms of Services focused on our intellectual rights ownership and readers/webmasters flexibility while using our services.

The public notes of our planned features listing ends here due to the unexpected changes that may appear for various development or management reasons.

The financing of the network was, is and will be achieved through advertising, based on separate deals with our partners. We pay attention them since we don’t want to alter the user experience in our pursuit for the resources we need to maintain and expand the network. Where available, all ads are manually reviewed to be useful for our visitors. We also rely on our public feedback to avoid annoying or intrusive advertisement.

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